Bee Suit Sizes

Bee Suit Complete is made of heavy duty cotton/pc and features elastic waist for a comfortable fit, two chest pockets with Velcro closures, heavy duty zippers at the neck, chest, ankles, and a self supporting collapsible veil. The Bee Suit complete also comes with a pair of gloves made of goat skin leather for the best protection.

Designed for comfort and sting protection, the Professional Bee Suit is tailored specially for beekeeping and bee control. Made from a blend of heavy-duty cotton and polyester, the bee suit comes with a leather gloves and a self supporting, collapsible veil. Large and Extra Large sizes are available.

Complete Bee Suit provides total protection from stinging insects such as bees and wasps.

Advantages of Bee Suit Complete:

1. Self supporting and Collapsible veil attached with 2-way neck zippers.

2. Elastic wrists & thumb holds.

3. Heavy duty zippers at the ankles.

4. The Fabric Is Comfortable & No Pilling, Abrasion Resistant

5. The Whole Design & Color Assortment Is More Protective, Fashionable & Reasonable.

6. Elasticized Cuffs, Waist & Ankles.

7. Front Closer With Brass/YKK Zipper & Velcro Button

8. Two Chest Pockets Under Decorative Flap, Oblique Tool Pocket On The Left One, Practical & Beautiful.

9. Two Double Use Pockets Under The Chest Pockets, One Is Zippered, Closure With Brass Zipper, Avoid The Tools Drop Out, The Other Is Slant Open, More Convenient To Put And Take The Tools.

10. Zippered Pocket & Tool Pocket On The Sleeve

11. Detachable/Attachable Hoodie Cap From Protective Suit

12. Two Side Hem Elastic, Dovetail Type Back

13. Use Match Color FR Thread Double Sewing Line.

14. Reinforced Stitching At Stress Points For Extra Durability.

15. For More Visibility Increase Reflective Tape Strip (Optional).

*Keep in mind that when you are laundering your suit, the veil must be removed and hand washed. It is not meant to be washed in the washer and dryer as it may become damaged.

Has your bee veil got a tear or a whole in it? If so Chris Tomlins can help you in providing some black bee suit face mesh to repair it as he has a roll of it in his possession. This is leftover material when the GBKA bee tent was made.

A piece of face mesh of say 18" - 24" in size can be free! If a larger amount is required, a small donation to the GBKA would be gladly accepted! Please contact Chris at or by telephone.



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