This is the recipe for Guernsey Gauche.

190 ml Water
13 ozs Strong White Flour
1 teaspoon Salt
1 tablespoon Milk Powder (Marvel)
0.5 Tablespoon Sugar
5 ozs Butter
0.75 Teaspoon Dried Yeast
***4-5 ozs Dried Fruit (Sultanas) ***

Put the Water in first , then the flour floating on top of the water
Put the rest of the ingredients on the flour keeping them separate from each other especially the yeast which must remain dry until mixing begins ***The sultanas are tipped in when the machine bleeps or into the fruit and nut container in the lid.
The cooking option is BAKE RAISIN 4 hours size MEDIUM.
Dark Crust.

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MARCH 2018




Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of the committee.

The winter has been quite mild so far, all be it an extremely windy one. The bees have been quite busy and I've noticed my bees have been bringing pollen in already, which is generally a sign they are raising brood.

I have been round to all my colonies and checked that they are still heavy with food and if the fondant block has been eaten I've replaced it.

We are in the process of getting the GSPCA site ready for the hives which we hope to move on the 10th of February. Watch this space.

I've been discussing the role of Bee Inspector with the committee and the we all agree with the States plan. This is to try and get around all the hives on the island within the next 2 years looking primarily for European and American foul brood. Whilst undertaking these inspections however a sample of bees will be collected and using a simple method check the Varroa mite levels on the bees. This sample will also be used to test for Nosema. (A disease believed to be absent on the island).

As we will be looking closely at the brood for the foul broods, a note will be made of any of the minor diseases (chalk brood, sac brood etc).

A report for each hive will then be compiled and copies sent to the hive owners and the states. At the end of the two years a full health report will be compiled looking at how well our bees are doing. We will aim to target all the hives on the island not just association members.

We received quite a few emails after we asked what training you required this year asking us to go back to basics. So we will be doing just that this year I've been compiling a year in the hive looking at what should be done in the hive and when. This follows the British Beekeeping Association guidelines but I've tailored it to reflect the islands unique environmental factors.

The training this year will then reflect the beekeeping year and what we should be looking for and techniques for keeping healthy bees.
We are also looking at offering weekly training sessions at the GSPCA where we will split into small groups and go through the association hives. This will be open to anyone wanting more hands on experience. We will be organising coffee mornings and evening events where anyone wanting to chat with other beekeepers can get together and have a drink and a chat.

With this being the 70th anniversary of the Guernsey Beekeepers association we will be looking at hosting some special events and possible starting a blue ribbon award at the Honey Show for Best in Show.

If anyone has any suggestions for this momentous year please let us know.